If your cat is pregnant you may be unsure of what you need to do to support them during pregnancy. Here are some tips for owners to help their pregnant cats. 

Food and water

Your cat is likely to be more hungry than normal as she grows a litter of kittens. She may benefit from a specialist diet, with higher amounts of nutrients including calcium and protein. AS the pregnancy progresses she will have less and less room for food, but may be just as hungry so will be best served by eating lots of small meals rather than a few bigger meals each day.  Your vet can advise on the best ways to make sure that your cat is getting enough to eat. She also needs more water than normal, so be sure to leave out some bowls of cool water to drink from throughout the day.  

Sleeping place

Your cat may become more fussy about her sleeping place when she is pregnant. It can be useful to give her a special place to sleep, such as a snuggly box with a soft towel inside. They can find it harder to move and avoid other cats, so it’s good to make sure this place is somewhere that other cats don’t have access to. As the birth becomes closer she may turn this into a “nest” where she will give birth to the kittens. 

Vet checks

It can be a good idea to take your cat to the vet early on to confirm their pregnancy. The vet can ensure that your cat has up to vaccinations, as catching common illnesses such as cat flu can have severe consequences during pregnancy, including death for the mother or kittens. The vet may suggest coming in for a check as the pregnancy progresses, to check that the growth is going as intended. 

In most cases vet support is not required for the birth, but it can be worth having an emergency contact for the vet in case the cat seems to be distressed or one or more kittens gets stuck in the birth canal. This is most common if the pregnant cat is very young and not yet fully grown, as they may have a smaller bone structure. 

Congratulations on the pregnancy of your cat. Be sure to get some advice from your vet (like those at Ivanhoe Veterinary Clinic) to ensure your cat has a smooth and uneventful pregnancy.