The presence of bedbugs in commercial and residential environments is problematic. These pests are commonly found in hospitality businesses and public transportation. Bedbug populations can grow within a short time so the likelihood of residential infestations after exposure is high. These insects are small and capable of living for long durations without feeding therefore the best way to control a full-on infestation in the home is to detect and control them as early as possible. Here is some useful information on bedbugs and ways to mitigate their negative effects.

Impact of Bedbugs

Bedbugs are essentially nocturnal ectoparasites that feed on human blood but will attack pet mammals when starved. Since they rest during daytime and bite at night, they will be commonly found hidden in the beddings and along the mattress seams. They are not easy to find because they are small and flat so they can remain hidden for a long time. Their bites are considered painless though they usually pierce the skin. The affected spot may become itchy and swollen but some individuals are completely unaffected. They are not known to transmit diseases to humans but they pose a risk for people with bedbug allergies and secondary infections may occur if the affected parts are scratched. Moreover, they are highly annoying and can disrupt sleep if not dealt with immediately.


If you suspect that your home has bedbugs, you should assess the space for signs of their presence. They are difficult to find so it is advisable to hire pest control professionals for thorough inspection. The common signs of the parasites’ presence include the living or dead insects, their moulted skins, spots of faeces and even minute cream eggs. You should always inspect starting with the bedroom area and then other living spaces. Any crevice or crack in the bed and other furniture is a possible hiding spot. Inspect the bed sheets, duvets and mattresses with keen attention to the folded seams. In addition, look beneath wallpapers, between wall and floor cracks and on the mats and rugs.


Good hygiene and diligent housekeeping will not eliminate bedbugs because they can survive in adverse conditions. However, the population can be controlled by washing clothing and beddings in hot water as well as steam cleaning carpets and vacuuming all surfaces and mattresses. These practices should be used in tandem with professional treatment plans from a quality pest control service. Reinfestation often occurs as old eggs mature so several visits will be necessary for lasting elimination of the stubborn pests.For more information, contact All Seasons Carpet Cleaning & Pest Management.